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Information about BiblioMaker

BiblioMaker is the user-friendly automation system for libraries and documentation centers running under Windows and macOS.

The app can be used as follows : license acquisition for a local installation with on site database hosting and cloud rental with database hosting on our cloud server in Switzerland. With the cloud solution, you save on managing a computer (backups, security updates, etc.) and publish your catalogue with no fear for the security of your local area network (LAN).

System functions

BiblioMaker is modular, so that libraries buy only the functions they need. Here the system's main functions for each module :

 Basic function
  • Cataloguing of books, articles, serials, non-books (audiovisual material, pictures...) following the international cataloguing rules. Several cataloguing templates available, depending on the title's type.
  • Automatic control of duplicate records with the ISBN/ISSN/EAN.
  • Automatic search of records on the web and download of found records from libraries (British Library, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Library of Congress...) or from bookshops (Amazon, Schulthess Juristische Medien AG...).
  • Easy transfer of records from the catalogue to a word processor with copy-paste.
  • Import of data (also in MARC-format).
  • Export of data. Predefined exports.
  • For all index files (Authors, Class marks, Subjects), automatic check during the cataloguing and alert if the entered value does not exist in the data file.
  • Management of subjects with the following referrals : Broader Term, Narrower Term, See also, See, Used for.
  • Dewey or other class marks.
  • Referrals between authors (for instance UNO and United Nations Organisation).
  • Management of eletronic resource (web pages or archived electronic titles).
  • Help for inventory with an optional portable barcode reader : the system compares the read barcodes with the theoretical state on the shelf.
 Printing of lists and
  • Numerous list and labels formats. For instance:
  • Author, systematic and subject catalogues (list of new acquisitions)
  • Class marks list
  • Subjects list
  • Inventory list
  • Patrons address list
  • Barcode labels (titles and patrons)
  • Quick report editor for creating your own list formats.
 Searches destined to
  • Searches combining numerous criteria : author, keywords, subjects, title language, publication year etc.
  • Quick searches with a result within 3 seconds.
  • Result is displayed onscreen and may be printed.
  • Search criteria can be saved and reused later
 Public Search (OPAC)
  • Simplified search for patrons with computers in kiosk mode.
  • Numerous search criteria : keywords, author, subjects, language, series, title type, etc.
  • The titles' availability is displayed.
  • Registration of patrons, suppliers and other kinds of addresses.
  • Search using different types of criteria: surname, town, category...
  • Sending of mailings with the included word processor
  • Printing of lists and labels (adresses and barcodes)
  • Management of member fee and of subscription fee. Registration of subcription payments.
 Control of
  • Automated control when registering a new periodical issue.
  • Printing of a barcode label for each issue.
  • Printing of a circulation list for each issue.
  • Registration of articles in each issue.
 Circulation module
  • Management of check-out, reservations, check-in, renewals with an optional bacode scanner
  • Automatic calculation of reminder fee and of fines
  • Registration of fine payments
  • Printing or e-mailing of reminders and of reservation announcements
  • Printing of loans statistics (tables and graphics)
 Acquisitions module
  • Registration and follow-up of orders.
  • Budgetary control.
  • Printing or e-mailing of orders and of reminders to suppliers.
  • Data entered for the order are used again during the cataloguing.
 Thesaurus module
  • Online browsing in the thesaurus during the cataloguing or during a search.
  • Management of a multilingual thesaurus.
  • Printing of subjects lists.
 WebOPAC module
  • Simplified search with web user interface for patrons
  • The user interface is conceived for big screens (computers, tablets) but also for smartphones.
  • No specific software necessary : any plain web browser such as Apple Safari(TM), Google Chrome(TM), Microsoft Edge(TM), Mozilla Firefox(TM) is compatible.
  • Your home page can be improved with a virtual shopping window containing for instance new acquisitions
  • Patrons can check the availability of books, make a reservation, check their account and their past loans, send an e-mail to the librarians...
  • Installation and setup of the web server in a few minutes.
  • This module can be combined with a metasearch engine, in order to create a virtual union catalogue.

    NB : you are currently using the WebOPAC module !

BiblioMaker's main advantages

User friendliness

The system's extraordinary user friendliness is unanimously praised by its hundreds of users in more than 250 libraries in Switzerland and abroad. No special IT-knowledge is necessary to install and use BiblioMaker. This represents an important economy in training and in maintenance costs. Moreover (and this is not the least advantage), working with BiblioMaker is fun !


Thanks to its flexibility, BiblioMaker is versatile. All kinds of libraries use the system : public and school libraries, companies, university institutes, public administrations, etc. BiblioMaker references show this diversity and demonstrate the satisfaction of users as prestigious as demanding.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology is not a goal per se, but must be useful for the user : relational database, client-server architecture, optimisation for the current processors, 64-bits addressing, Windows and macOS cross-platform, heterogenous networks, Intranet, Internet... optimum efficiency is our motto.

Micro Consulting SA

Founded in 1987, Micro Consulting is the Swiss precursor for the development of business software with graphical user-interface. From the beginning, the goal of the company is to develop efficient and user-friendly software.

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